“If you want a friend for life, get a dog”.

All Images are available as print on demand.

  • At the moment all images are available for sublimation onto slate or can be purchased as just a image (without watermark) with more choices coming soon.
  • Square images are available for printing onto 100x100mm £6 (coasters) 140x140mm £12 (medium square plaque) 195x195mm £15 (large square plaque)
  • Rectangular images are available for printing onto 145x100mm £10 (small rectangular plaque) 195x145mm £13 (medium rectangular plaque) 295x195mm £20 (Large rectangular plaque)
  • All Images can be purchased for your own use at £1.99 each.
  • If you would like your own images used add £3 for photo preperation